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Sustainability & Eco-care

Here at Kaimata Retreat, we live within a delicate eco-system, sharing this land, water and air with rare and special wildlife here on the Otago Peninsula. It is fundamentally important to us to minimize our impact on our natural environment.

Kaimata Retreat is committed to continually improving our environmental performance across all areas of our business practice. We aim to use no more resources than our business requires and we welcome your support and invite you to care for our surrounds by supporting our sustainability efforts.

Sustainable Design

Kaimata Retreat is sited sensitively to the natural environment, using the topography and natural landscape to enhance our principles of environmental sustainability.

Energy Efficiency

We’re reducing our demand on energy:

Waste Management

We’re reducing waste as much as we can:

Water Conservation

We’re conserving water:

Native Planting

Our property has been undergoing a planting programme for a number of years, reinstating native flora of this area. We are working with Monowai Ecological to create a robust and resilient native landscape; facilitating a low-pest environment with endemic and local plantings; promoting habitat, nectar and fruits for native birds, skinks and geckos. Not to mention space for the odd sea lion or little penguin!